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Marine vessels have some of the largest diesel engines in the world are subject to more work and difficulties than those operated on land. In addition to operating in a salt water environment, and longer hauls, there are new environmental laws to adhere to.

By incorporating all of our domestic and international experience with treating diesel and heavy fuel oil for cargo vessels, fishing fleets and luxury liners into your vessel management, we assure significant improvements in operational efficiency, fuel stability and dependability. You will have a noticeable reduction of operating costs and since we are environmentally friendly, you will be reducing exhaust emissions, smoke, soot and smell. The last place you need a break down is in the middle of the ocean — we are here to keep your engines and generators running clean and strong.

Maritime Challenges

  • Total Power will help maritime companies solve the following challenges:

    • Disperse water and manage corrosion in your fuel and fuel system.

    • Prevent bacteria growth and buildup of water and gums in tanks & filters.

    • Improve fuel efficiency and oil quality even with the dirtiest fuels.

    • Ensure high dependability in extreme conditions.