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TPx for petrol and paraffin

TPx has been formulated to reduce suspended particles through the synergistic improvement of combustion. Results in the field repeatedly demonstrate cleaner combustion systems, significantly reduced emissions, fuel savings and decreased operating costs.

TPx reduces fuel use by 3%-8%



Disperses Water Gently Cleans Fuel System

TPx reduces emissions from 20%-55%

Every gallon of TPx contains approximately 2 lbs of liquid oxygen which equates to 25 cubic feet of oxygen or 125 cubic feet of air. By premixing molecular oxygen with diesel, engines no longer suffer from poor air/fuel mixing problems or oxygen scavenging; therefore are able to safely produce the originally intended power (more power). The quality of combustion can be improved by TPx products with the fuel supply prior to combustion thereby facilitating fuel to burn at the right place and at the right time.

Today more than ever, reducing our carbon footprint is critical. Exhaust analysis shows that carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other partially oxidized compounds are caused by insufficient levels of oxygen present in the combustion process. Incomplete fuel burn simply does not release all potential energy available.

In Peru, we are treating bulk fuel suppliers with TPx so that every time they tank up, they are helping the environment. Users in the USA and elsewhere can do their part by adding TPx directly to the tank.


All of our Field Tests, Lab Tests and Case Studies are available for review.