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Large diversity exists in the shapes and sizes of equipment used in the transportation industry. Common to all shipments is the pressure to be on time and reliable whether by road or rail.

Transports are constantly on the move and make zero profit when broken down or standing still. With long hauls over great distances, diesel is the energy source that makes this movement possible. Ensuring that you have high quality diesel is key to making sure that your equipment is where it needs to be, without an interruption. Our products meet or exceed all World Wide Fuel Charter requirements and are guaranteed safe to use on all diesel equipment. With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Total Power knows how to solve the pain points of heavy-use equipment maintenance.

Transportation Challenges

Total Power will help transportation companies solve the following challenges:

  • Extend fuel supplies.

  • Reduce carbon footprint.

  • Minimize breakdowns and operate at peak efficiency.

  • Protect assets from premature wear and tear.