TP fuel stabilisers work in every industry and with all engines, furnaces or boilers that use fossil fuel. They are essential to enhance performance and increase availability. Click below to better understand TP solutions for different industries.

Synthetic Fuel Additives for Industrial - TPx Africa


TP is being used successfully in Fortune 500 firms worldwide.

Synthetic Fuel Additives for Mining - TPx Africa


Total Power has decades of experience reducing mining operating costs.

Synthetic Fuel Additives for Agriculture - TPx Africa


Agricultural operations see improved readiness and efficiency using TPx

Synthetic Fuel Additives for On Road - TPx Africa


Visible emission reduction, cold start mitigation and cleaner fuel injectors are just some of the benefits with our diesel treatment.

Synthetic Fuel Additives for Rail - TPx Africa


Our stabilisers are used in locomotives to prevent carbon build-up, extend engine life and consume less fuel.

Synthetic Fuel Additives for Maritime - TPx Africa


Total Power has successfully treated some of the largest Marine Diesel engines worldwide.

Clean Fuel Burning Stabilisers for Cruise and Cargo Ships

Using TP produces a noticeable reduction of operation costs and, since the product is environmentally friendly, it reduces exhaust emissions, smoke, soot and smell. The last place one wants a break down is in the middle of the ocean. Total Power will help keep your engines and generators running clean and strong.