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Health and Environment

Eco Friendly Synthetic Fuel Additives - TPx Africa

TPx Lowers Particulate Matter, CO & NOx

Total Power’s synthetic stabilisers will dramatically reduce emissions released from burning fossil fuels. Poor fuel quality, improper fuel storage, dirty injectors, and tough climatic conditions greatly increase the quantity of toxic exhuast emissions generated from burning fossil fuels.

Treating any fuel such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, or heavy fuel oil, with TPx will improve the condition of the fuel, fuel system, and engine, resulting in a dramatic reduction of NOx, CO, and particulate matter (PM). By improving combustion efficiency and reducing toxic emissions, we successfully reduce the environmental impact of industrial operations.

Greater Sustainability

TPx is completely bio-degradable, contains no alcohols, and is safe to use on any engine, turbine, boiler, or furnace.

TPx works seamlessly with your local fuel. We treat fuel all over the world, we are certain it will work for you!

Our synthetic fuel stabilisers are designed to reduce your carbon footprint.